1. An old Barbour advert scanned by me a long time ago.  Sharing again here from my other blog.  “Internationally acknowledged-The best you can buy”.


  2. Happy Valentine’s Day from Thornproof.  Enjoy the day, wherever it may take you.  

    Barbour 1990 catalogue excerpt.


  3. Archival Clothing has a nice little feature on the Solway Zipper.  Every Barbour fan should be familiar with this jacket, as it was once their most popular jacket.  Very happy to share my scans of old Barbour catalogs with them.  Cheers!


  4. Barbour Autumn/Winter 2003-2004 catalog cover.


  5. Barbour 1953 catalog excerpt.


  6. Barbour 1987 catalog cover. I hope to scan this catalog today and share it here soon.


  7. Barbour 1987 catalog. A50 The Moorland Jacket. My number one work jacket.


  8. Barbour 1987 catalog, back when they made big catalogs. A98- The Solway Zipper. Still on my “must get” list.


  9. Who cares if it rains?  Not me.


  10. Barbour 1953 Catalog.  Nice tassel.