1. It’s the end of August.  If you need to rewax your jacket and you want to send it back to Barbour in the USA, you should do that ASAP.  They’re very busy now and those cool nights and chilly mornings will soon be here.  The turnaround on repairs is quite a bit shorter, but I’d get that jacket with the hole in the mail or to your local Barbour dealer ASAP too.  

    If you want to rewax it yourself, it’s not too hard.  There are a few demos on this blog and a few others kicking around the internet.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Cheers!


  2. Barbour reproofing.


  3. Cleaning and reproofing close up.

    Barbour Catalog 1990 2nd edition.

    #Barbour #reproofing


  4. Choosing your Thornproof.  Cleaning and reproofing.

    Barbour Catalog 1990 2nd edition.


  5. Rewaxing the Barbour Bedale 2 Crest 4 Pocket eBay find.  It sure was dry when I got it.  The last picture was taken on the set of “Surrogates”.


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