1. Thornproof Wax on Flickr.

    Thornproof Dressing.


  2. Picked up 4 freshly rewaxed jackets for my buddy.


  3. Repair and re-wax by Barbour USA. Thanks for the great work, guys!


  4. Barbour Re-wax Event- tomorrow October 19, 2013 at Barbour SoHo, NYC. Get your wax on 11 AM- 6 PM. Send me pics, if you go. Cheers!


  5. The Barbour Factory Store in Milford, NH has undergone a major redesign.  My friend, SG, was kind enough to take a few pictures while shopping there a couple of weeks ago.  I haven’t been yet, but plan to go in September.  This layout reminds me of the SoHo shop in NYC or the Philly downtown shop, without the fancy set dressing.  The space has tripled, at least.  Probably my favorite element is the glass window to watch the guys rewax jackets.  I used to stand in the doorway and watch them, trying to pick up as many tips as possible.

    Thanks again to SG for the pics!  Cheers!


  6. Free rewaxing at Barbour SoHo tomorrow. Limit 1 per customer. Message me if you need details. Cheers!


  7. Here’s a repair to my daughter’s Bedale- children’s size small. Although I kept it freshly waxed, the waxed cotton dried out near the pocket and created a vertical tear in the jacket. It was expertly repaired in Milford, NH at Barbour USA a few weeks ago. While it was there, I got it rewaxed. It has since been handed down to my younger daughter. Repair, recycle and reuse!


  8. bounderscadclub:

    Finished re-waxing today!

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  9. bounderscadclub:

    Used up the rest of my tin of sylkoil and re-waxed every nook and cranny on the front of this jacket and the sleeves!

    Wasn’t enough for the back and collar though!

    I’ll finnish it off with the hair dryer and a clean sponger tomorrow!

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  10. zrresosemito:

    Waxing a Barbour jack @vic_lifestyle #barbour #wax #jack


  11. Barbour Thornproof Dressing.


  12. Barbour in Boston is having a free rewaxing event today.  Sadly, I will not be able to attend.  Get down there now.  Limit one jacket per customer.


  13. Barbour rewaxing events at Barbour SoHo in NYC and the Ardmore Barbour store outside of Philly on the Main Line.  The first one is free and it’s fun to watch how a pro lays down the wax.  Check the Barbour blog or Facebook page for details.


  14. November. Boston.


  15. It’s the end of August.  If you need to rewax your jacket and you want to send it back to Barbour in the USA, you should do that ASAP.  They’re very busy now and those cool nights and chilly mornings will soon be here.  The turnaround on repairs is quite a bit shorter, but I’d get that jacket with the hole in the mail or to your local Barbour dealer ASAP too.  

    If you want to rewax it yourself, it’s not too hard.  There are a few demos on this blog and a few others kicking around the internet.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  Cheers!