1. barbourpeople:

    We just love how these girls have worn their Barbours, perfect for a typical British summers day!


  2. eeeeestar:

    Cuff love…courtesy of Barbour


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  4. 49thparallelblues:

    Barbour for her


  5. marcowarwick:

    Vintage Barbour


  6. lowsnhighs:

    barbour jackets by D.J.H on Flickr.

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  8. gemz191:

    Barbour waxed jackets, for those spring time walks and rainy days. #vintage #barbour #outfit #withlovebetty #jackets (at With Love Betty, Newport, isle of Wight)


  9. sartorialjohnnyboy:

    Barbour: J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. designs, manufactures and markets clothing for men, women and children under the Barbour brand. Founded in 1894 by John Barbour in South Shields, England, as an importer of oil cloth, J. Barbour and Sons Ltd. has become well known for its waxed cotton outdoor jackets. The company’s waxed-cotton jackets are so well known that some people refer to any waxed-cotton jacket as a “Barbour jacket,” irrespective of manufacturer.


  10. barbour jackets by D.J.H on Flickr.

    D.J.H. Barbour jackets. A fine shot!


  11. Barbour Testimonials by Archival Clothing on Flickr.

    Archival Clothing scan of a Barbour catalog included in a repair kit. Their scanner is so much better than mine!



  13. marcowarwick:

    Barbour 75th Anniversary Jacket……..75 in the world and I have one of them.



  14. youngmanandoldsoul:

    I really want to get one this winter.

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  15. chopsueytakeaway:

    barbour tokihito