1. Barbour 1990 catalog 2nd edition.  The Bedale.


  2. nelsonhoward:

    In focus: Barbour. eMail from J.Crew

    As a new owner of a black Liddesdale purchased on sale at Orvis, I can say that it is without a doubt one of the top five pieces that I own.Whether over a sport coat, or on its own, I love it.

    So much so that I bought the jcp “homage.” Two of them. Why? Because I love the look, and they were on sale. The quality is lacking, but at $25 apiece, I couldn’t say no.

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  3. thetieguy:

    The Hill-side.

    Love the old Bedale and have admired The Hill-side for a while now.

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  4. Moustache Day!  #2 in her sister’s Bedale hand-me-down. 


  5. micronhero:

    What I Wore Today: Cold & Rainy  Uniform

    I’m gonna try to start posting more straight up What I Wore Today posts. I figure why the hell not. I want to start posting a lot more original content on here. So expect to see more of my face. 

    It’s hovering around the freezing level and there’s always a chance of rain in Oregon this time of year. This kit definitely keeps me protected from the Northwest elements and comfortable at the same time. 

    It didn’t end up raining, but at least I was prepared. 

    Glasses: Moscot Originals

    Jacket: Barbour Bedale

    Gloves: Coal

    Sweater: J.Crew

    Shirt: CPT Brand

    Jeans: RRL

    Boots: Wolverine 1000 Mile


  6. micronhero:

    I’ve lived in the Northwest my whole life and it seems like it just keeps getting rainier here. I remember as a kid waiting for my dad to arrive home from work on the bus. He wore his Bedale jacket that he picked up in the UK. I remember that distinct smell of the wax on the jacket mixed with the cold NW rain as he came through the door.

    I have no immediate plans to leave the Northwest. I may complain about the rain but my jacket makes it somewhat tolerable. At times it even feels like the rain is home, especially when a smell that thornproof dressing in a fresh downpour.


  7. contresenspau:

    Nouvelle livraison Barbour avant Noël!!! #barbour #bedale #navy #boutique #contresens #pau #noel


  8. thehandbookauthority:

    Gone for firewood.

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  9. Bedale in it’s proper use.


  10. catchusthefoxes:

    I couldn’t pass up the opportunity…Dipping into my tattoo fund I bought a practically new Bedale (size 34) for relatively next to nothing. Being a short guy, though, I have some reservations about how it fits as I like my clothing to be on the slim side of the fitting spectrum. Its a little too…


  11. panopticonmagazine:

    Men’s Classic Bedale Barbour Jacket. 

    Featuring a fabulous Barbour tartan lining and corduroy collar, this classic piece is the  perfect addition to any man’s winter wardrobe. 

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  12. Barbour Bedale

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  13. My Raleigh Twenty on the set of “Ted”. 


  14. Streets of Gloucester, MA.


  15. cripples-cantshiver:

    investment piece #barbour (Taken with Instagram)

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