1. Submission from Adam:

    More of the Best 4x4 by Far…..


  2. BARBOUR - The beautiful Natalie Portman is wearing a Barbour jacket on Thor²


  3. Submission from Adam:

    Finally finished and ready for sale in Portland Maine, bring on the fall and Barbour jackets


  4. New Bedale- old Bedale.


  5. You know that pink shirt is going to be Barbour, right? I mean this is Thornproof fer gosh sakes.


  6. Submission from MSAINT:

    Tricker’s Stow in Britsh Green Cordovan.

    Perfect match with my Barbour Bedale in sage!


  7. "It’s hard to think about waxed cotton while lying on the beach in beautiful weather, but I do it anyway."

  8. Barbour Soho and The Factory Store in Milford, NH are having a Father’s Day sale. It’s a great opportunity to get something nice for him or yourself! Check with your local shop to see if they’re having a sale, too.


  9. The man who knows….

    From my scan archives.  Stay dry, people.


  10. Memorial Day parade- waiting for our little Brownie.


  11. I’m putting some of these away for the summer, but  I always keep a couple around for a chilly rain.


  12. Out on the Bay.


  13. "Someone once asked me why I need more than one Barbour jacket. I told them that I need more than one jacket like a golfer needs more than one club. Then I hit them with my 5 iron."
    — Thornproof

  14. Union Blogger latte break.


  15. Submission from MSAINT:

    BARBOUR Rustic Bedale and Zenith Cairelli