1. Alas, spring has sprung and regretfully it’s time to retire these old friends for the season. I’m going to miss the Beauchamp, the Moorland Ducks Unlimited, the original A400 Northumbria and my Trooper. Although I my have to pull something back out, it’s going to be 14 degrees here in Highlands, NC tonight! Happy spring Y’all!


  2. Catching up on classic style.


  3. Submission from Pantsaflame: On the rail in Seattle with my daughter in my Ariel Polarquilt


  4. Thanks for the submission.  Unfortunately, Tubmblr didn’t credit the original submitter.  I’m not sure why that would happen.  I think the name was Ted.  I can’t really remember now.  D’oh.

    BARBOUR Leather Thinsulate Gloves, perfect on ski vacations !


  5. Barbour Classic Beaufort, Barbour shirt & Cruzan Hook bracelet from Sonja’s in St. Croix. I was a school teacher there a lifetime ago.


  6. A great video on the Barbour brand.  I’m pretty sure that they used some of my catalog scans for this.

    Cheers to another 120 years!



  7. Mudroom.


  8. Polaroid and Barbour.


  9. I’m thinking about moving to Florida. Not much call for waxed cotton down there, though.


  10. That nice cap now has poop on it. (at Lion Country Safari)


  11. humansofnewyork:

    "You want to photograph me eating chicken?"
    "Well, if I let you, I need you to help me deliver a message."
    "What’s that?"
    "I work at this library. And before that, I was coming here for twenty years. It’s my favorite place in the world. As many people know, the main reading room of this library is supported by seven floors of books, which contain one of the greatest research collections in the world. Recently, the library administration has decided to rip out this collection, send the books to New Jersey, and use the space for a lending library. As part of the consolidation, they are going to close down the Mid-Manhattan Library Branch as well as the Science, Industry, and Business Library. When everything is finished, one of the greatest research libraries in the world will become a glorified internet cafe. Now read that back to me."

    This is probably the most important post I’ll put up this year.  Please reblog.


  12. An old Barbour advert scanned by me a long time ago.  Sharing again here from my other blog.  “Internationally acknowledged-The best you can buy”.


  13. Coat closet overload.

    (Source: thornproof.blogspot.com)


  14. Nethercott Parka & International a Full Zip. Ready for whatever comes.


  15. Ain’t nobody got time to iron a shirt.