1. Mudroom.


  2. Polaroid and Barbour.


  3. Things I need today. @barbour #polaroid


  4. Photo by GDM


  5. Mr. B asked me to find him a jacket to for his big trip. The Barbour International Baker Jacket from the Factory Store in Milford is a perfect fit.


  6. This Barbour Vintage Cotton International was a wrap gift from the Gaffer and Rigging Gaffer on the first season of “Body of Proof”, back when it was shot in Rhode Island. Each crew member chose props for their particular picture. I chose the 110V Snakebite and a clipboard. You always look busy, if you have one of those two things in your hand.

    The photo was taken by Claire Folger the Stills Photographer.


  7. barbourpeople:

    Kevin & Dianna enjoyed a lovely day down at the beach in Brighton in their jackets, even Chico has one at home to keep him dry in the Winter.


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  10. barbourpeople:

    Ivor looks very pleased with this purchase, he bought this jacket especially to accompany him to all of the outdoor events he attends! 


  11. barbourpeople:

    Tom & Shelley love their jackets and enjoyed a sunny day at Badmiton recently


  12. Philip Crangi wearing a Barbour International. From The Style Blogger.

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    Spitalfields in his Barbour International jacket


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    Happy couple on the streets of Manchester


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