1. Off to NYC.


  2. Happy Easter! Out early today taking pictures of the Egg Hunt.


  3. My boss wearing his Barbour Cowen Commando at Fenway Park. I don’t think Papi knows that he’s a Yankee fan.


  4. guillermop:

    thornproof @ Huelva Spain with my Barbour beacon heritage jacket by Tokito

    I love Barbour on the beach!


  5. Congratulations to ottodocs! I’ve sent my email address so you can send me your contact info. Thanks to everyone who entered! Cheers!


  6. I’ll pick the winner of the Barbour Repair Kit at around 5 EST. Good luck to the folks out there who entered.


  7. Submission from Steve:

    "Old Bedale"

    Thanks very much for this great picture!


  8. Bushman Jacket.  Barbour Spring 1999 catalogue.


  9. I’m doing the drawing for the Barbour Repair Kit on Friday night.  Stay tuned….


  10. Wax Shrine.


  11. Thanks for the submission!  Photo by anunknownbrother.


  12. Spring layers. J. McLaughlin shirt, Patagonia fleece, and Barbour Westmorland.


  13. This silver frame Impossible Project film has been a little off.  I guess I’ll have to just roll the darken wheel a little on the camera.  



  15. Submission from Ron.  Thanks very much!