1. Submission from Taylor:  Well loved Nixon jacket.


  2. Barbour and Filson. A perfect match.

    For some reason Tumblr doesn’t credit the submitter when I queue these submissions.  It’s ok when I remember who sent it in, but I forgot here.  Sorry that I’m not crediting the submitter here.  


  3. Stephen Rea wearing Barbour in Urszula Antoniak’s Nothing Personal (2009)

    Submission from Msaint.


  4. BBC Scotland and The Quest For Bannockburn


    Barbour Beaufort

    Barbour Commander

    Belstaff Tourist Trophy

    Submission from Msaint.


  5. Behind the scenes on BBC2 The Quest For Bannockburn


    Barbrour Beaufort

    Belsatff Classic Touris Trophy

    Submission from Msaint.


  6. Submission from Steve:

    Two of my favourite things…


  7. Submission from Stanley.


  8. "old Barbour wax bag"


  9. Holmes and Watson.


  10. It’s a wet one today in RI. Drying the Bedale on the 9 crate cart.


  11. Barbour quilted international. 


  12. Submission from Adam:

    More of the Best 4x4 by Far…..


  13. BARBOUR - The beautiful Natalie Portman is wearing a Barbour jacket on Thor²


  14. Submission from Adam:

    Finally finished and ready for sale in Portland Maine, bring on the fall and Barbour jackets


  15. New Bedale- old Bedale.