1. summerwind41490:

    Two favorite British B’s: @barbour + @burberry


  2. oatmealgoddess:

    Ootd class edition & dinner out with kitchenmates edition ☺️


  3. hiro6plus:

    フード付けたら可愛らしくなった。 #barbour


  4. (Source: offsuit)


  5. preppypearls:

    That’s a tailgate for the books….in the pouring rain.


  6. regattasandreppties:

    OOTD: Barbour, Brooks oxford, Murray’s Nantucket reds, and Dad’s vintage Ray Bans.

    Not pictured: Sebago camp mocs


  7. lnsee:

    Barbour weather back.  Asian fit Barbours also back.


  8. baracutaboy:

    Both beginning with ‘B’ both ‘British’ and both ‘Brilliant’ iconic brands #Barbour & #baracutapeople


  9. postcards-fromfaraway:

    Not happy about it being cold. But I’m much more in my element as far as dressing myself. Broke out the Barbour today.


  10. barbourpeople:

    Alex Burton was spotted at Bestival this year in his vintage, classic Barbour.


  11. rangefound:

    First self re-proof with tin-o-wax


  12. regattasandreppties:

    OOTN: my chinos are red, not orange.


  13. netclothingbypilot:

    Barbour Dept.B Jacket #barbour #style #mensfashion #deptb www.netclothing.net


  14. barrington-gifts:

    Cooler weather means fall clothing, patterns, and colors! 🍁🍂🍁🍂



  15. hiro6plus:

    Goodmorning #barbour #saintjames #orcival #Drmartens