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    #whitagram simple #ootd for going shopping with @gracey_macphee 😁 #barbour #monochrome #fbloggers #bbloggers


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    Ootd first day of school 😊🎀 09/16/2014


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    New in! #britischerherbst #barbouruk #barbour #autumn 🍂❤️


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    Another rainy day, another dog walk. Rinse and repeat.
    #barbour #lechameau #blacklab #labsofinstagram


  6. ruggedgallery:

    Sep.24.2014 First Humpday of Fall. Enjoy the rest of your week, folks // Jacket: Barbour SL Bedale + Jeans: RRL Slim Fit + Shoes: New England Outerwear Co.


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    My new barbour jacket!


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    Partnerlook. 🐶👸 #winniewunschfrei #ootd @zalando_official @pepejeans #barbourinternational #barbour #englishbulldog


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    Selling my lovely Men’s Barbour!


    Looks good.  Good luck!


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    Waxed cotton, denim, cashmere and knitted silk. #menswear #style #barbour


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    Barbour and Minolta


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    Some days you just need a Barbour in your life
    #barbour #classic #rain #country #urbanhttp://www.chameleonmenswear.co.uk/barbour-international-m30


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    Albie’s new Barbour jacket. He’s such a little model.


  14. ruggedgallery:

    Sep.27.2014 Barbour Bedale: Classic VS. SL // I’ve had a week to field test the Barbour SL Bedale and as promised, here is a rundown of my observations. The first thing you’ll notice is the difference in weight. Though I cannot confirm that the waxed cotton used for the SL is lighter, it certainly feels like it. The lining is also made of a lighter weight material, different from the cotton flannel found in the Classic. For those who’ve worn an older Baracuta G9 and now have the current model with the CoolMax lining, the difference in weight and feel is similar. The next thing you’ll notice are the sleeves. The Classic has a knitted cuff. Very warm, very comfortable and one of my favorite features of the jacket. The SL on the other hand has sleeves similar to a Beaufort in length minus the Velcro shooting cuff. While I find this to fit in well with the modern looks of the SL Bedale, I would’ve preferred some sort of adjustment or knitted cuff at the bottom of the sleeves. Finally, a review of the two Bedale models wouldn’t be complete without going over the difference in fit. I purchased both Bedales in a 38 (my sportcoat size). The SL measures 4” smaller than the Classic. I’d be comfortable wearing the SL fit on top of a Shetland sweater and OCBD, but nothing heavier. I probably won’t be purchasing the optional liner for the SL, since I suspect it’ll make the jacket feel too slim for my liking. If I needed extra warmth, I’d put on the Classic and layer up with my Barbour liner. So what’s the verdict after my week of wearing the SL? Is it worth picking up another Bedale that’s essentially the same as the old one, but mordernized for the sartorially inclined individual? To be honest, I love them both. The tweaks of the SL are different enough so that it actually feels like a different jacket. For slim guys out there who are thinking of sizing down on the Classic to get a trimmer fit, please don’t. This messes with the fit of the sleeves and the way the jacket looks when you’re layering. Instead, pick up the SL if a trim silhouette is what you’re looking for in a Barbour. I hope this has been helpful. If any of you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Nice, thanks!


  15. fromnovatonantucket:

    What I Wore on Saturday - Early Fall Football in Central Pennsylvania

    Tailgate - 7:00am - Temp: 46°

    1. Polo hat
    2. LLBean Camp Mocs
    3. J. Crew corduroys
    4. Eddie Bauer belt
    5. Timex watch
    6. Coach card holder
    7. Class ring
    8. Polo rugby shirt
    9. Barbour Beaufort jacket

    Kickoff - 12:00pm - Temp: 78°

    1. Polo hat
    2. Sperry’s
    3. Penn State t-shirt
    4. J. Crew shorts
    5. Vineyard Vines belt

    Not pictured: Considerable sunburn.