1. blackaristo:

    @barbour #2013 Ad. #landedgentry #waxjacket #Barbour


  2. Dirtay.

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  3. dontpanicdrinktea:

    Sneaky peek of today’s #bloggermail! #barbour #AW14


  4. the-tweed-fox:

    Too bad I couldn’t get more background in the shot.

    #barbour (at Grey Mountain)


  5. askdlq:

    The Barbour normally lives in the Landy so the world feels more normal now that they are reunited


  6. happypreppy:

    Rain is back. Cold is back. Barbour is back.


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  8. archcloth:

    One the best styled print catalogs ever - early 1990s Barbour. 

    Agreed.  That looks like Helen Barbour, herself, on the left.


  9. Anonymous said: 6ft something chap. Beaufort or Bedale ? Complete dilemma ! :D



  10. the-tweed-fox:

    Fishing selfie = Selfish?

    #original #barbour #fishing (at Seaforth Lake, Yukon)


  11. riflequality:

    All waxed up and ready for the season! 


  12. marylandaristocrat:

    Best part of working retail is putting on clothes before they go on the floor.



  14. littleprettiesbigcity:

    A very early morning #latergram. Can’t sleep..so I Instagram. 💁 Cannot wait to be layering again with this @barbour #vest in the fall! 🍁🍃 #fallfashion #layering #prep #preppy #barbour (at www.littleprettiesbigcity.com)